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Shop Closed November 9-14 . . . Then Mid-November Sale!!

Mid-November Sale!!!

Have you been looking for a great deal on a bike or kayak? RideSouth has too many used bikes by Bacchetta, RANS, Hase and Greenspeed! There are also brand new bikes from HP Velotechnik, Greenspeed, Catrike, AZUB and others! Help us reduce our inventory!

We have some kayaks priced as low as $459 as well as a shop full of brand new Hobie kayaks that need to find a home on your lake, river, pond or ocean! Some of the new Hobie Mirage kayaks are priced at $1949! That is a first for Hobie and you will love the product!

We are placing many bikes and kayaks on sale from November 16-22. During that time period we will work extra hard to get you the deal you need on the right bike or boat! Don’t come before then because we will not be open from November 9-14. Lane and I are going to a Hase bike workshop for a week, and unfortunately the shop will be closed. We feel it is our mission to continue our education and exposure to new ideas and products, so that we can continue to add to your cycling and kayaking memories!

We very much value your loyalty and support over the almost 20 years we have been in business! It is always a pleasure reviewing your smiles in our website gallery! We hope to add to it as soon as we get time to upload many of your recent pics! Stay tuned for some exciting events we are planning for the next 12 months, and for our 20 year celebration coming up next year!

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