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Turning 21

Turning 21

There are many good things about turning 21. Exploration of the future, and anticipation of growth are among them. Risks and opportunities begin to be more visible to some. Adding responsibility comes with the territory, though.

Our business turned 21 this year. What a ride it has been! We have recorded thousands of smiles accompanying purchases of our bicycles and kayaks as they go out the door! You can see them all in our RideSouth Gallery.

As we “come of age”, exploration of our future involves some course corrections, we think. We have already eliminated kayaks from our store, and now we are eliminating all two-wheeled bikes. Trikes will be our mainstay in the future. We are cutting back on outside repairs, too. Also, operating by “appointment only” has freed up our time a bit, yet is allowing serious customers more time and attention to safely talk about and test ride their trike, before purchasing.

A word about all the sailing terms. Some of you may have seen us rigging a new sailboat recently. Yes, we will be spending some time sailing with our grandkids. We are still at the helm of the shop though. It is a great time to be in the bicycle business, if any of you have thought about plotting a course in that direction!

The pandemic has changed us all. Hopefully, things will turn out better than most think, and not as bad as some fear. It seems all growth requires some compromise. The responsibility of growing older requires care from all of us . . . for all of us. Wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands. Care for our fellow Earthlings and our precious Earth. We hope to find the right compromise as our calendar turns 21 in a few days! We sincerely hope you do, too!

Happy New Year!
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