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Ride Schedules

Please click on our Events website for more information about upcoming events:


Please click on the www.ridesouthevents.com web site to view all the events for the Rally!

We are back at the shop launching at 7:30 AM to have some more time for more miles! Join us for a Bay Ride or Round ‘th Rez and finish at the shop for some fresh, hot oat bran bread! Join us with your bike or trike and have some fun! Typical rides range from 15 to 30 miles, but your mileage can vary! Everyone is welcome!

On Sundays at 2:00 PM from the RideSouth shop, Bay Rides are popular, as is the Yogi Ride, a 40 mile loop with some great hills! The ride turns at Yogi Bear Park in Pelahatchie and includes some great rural roads in Rankin County! Call ahead to find out the route of the day or just show up and ride!

Often we launch from the RideSouth shop at 7:30 AM or 6:00 PM. The Sunrise Series runs through the summer on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. The Sunset Series runs on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Call ahead the day before to see if rides are planned and discuss the route scheduled.

Annual Events
Some annual events to watch for are the Natchez or Bust Ride in October, the Signature Ride in late March, the Memorial Day Trike Tribute and many other events throughout the year. We also enjoy riding in the Ridgeland Christmas Parade in early December and the Crewe of Nereids Mardi GRAS parade in Waveland! Lots of fun and challenging events for everyone!

Showcase Rides

Ask us about our latest ride series, the Showcase Rides! Four times a year, we will showcase a supplier for the weekend! The Showcase Ride will include a buffet dinner on Friday evening with refreshments and ping-pong action at the shop! After dinner, we will have an auction on a featured machine from the showcased manufacturer! Join us on Saturday for a medium length and medium paced ride in the area on bike lanes and trails. Show up with your RideSouth purchased bike from the showcased manufacturer and get a cool “Show it off!” tee shirt. We will make every effort to have a principal from the showcased manufacturer to be here for the event! Make your bid for some serious fun on our Showcase Rides!

Some of our Routes

2013 Natchez or Bust Information Form: Copy and paste in browser

2015 Signature Ride Sign-up Form

Signature Ride Day 1 Route

Signature Ride Day 2