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About Us

About RideSouth
RideSouth Recumbents, LLC has been the largest recumbent dealer in the South. Since 1999 we have purchased and sold only the best recumbents, comfort bikes, recumbent trikes and kayaks. A few years ago, we morphed to only deal in and with recumbent trikes. We are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction both in sales and repair services on products we sell. We have moved our operation to a dedicated shop building outside our home in the Flowood area. Our new address is 123 Poplar Ridge Dr, Brandon, MS 39047. Our new phone number is 601 291-1004 and email address is [email protected]. We are still working by appointment so please call us!

About Recumbents
We are often asked why we ride recumbents. There is the obvious answer of a much more comfortable riding position, promoting more miles ridden. More importantly, we feel safer, faster and have more fun! Perhaps the real secret of recumbents lies in where they will take you. Recumbents will take you through your neighborhood, with style and ease. They will carry you across town, or even across the country, in a safe, natural and efficient riding position. On some trikes you will compete against traditional bikes with superior aerodynamics and speed, or take in the scenery and relax without having to balance! Perhaps most importantly though, your first rides on a recumbent will transport you back to your childhood, when you first learned to ride a bicycle. Back to the feeling of accomplishment and liberation as . . . magically . . . your horizons have expanded beyond your imagination!

About You
You are our focus. We care about your goals on the road and trails. We know there is no meaningful exercise program without fun, so we zero in on how we can provide you the most fun for your dollar . . . while you are meeting your goals. We care about your needs and can suggest alternatives that can provide you the maximum enjoyment for your exercise and travel time, with emphasis on safety, speed, fun and comfort. We have machines for all levels and all types of folks. Come see us and see why we say RideSouth really is The Way to Ride.

The RideSouth Experience

Yesterday, while waiting for an appointment in a nearby building, a customer walked into our old RideSouth building. We met him at the door and asked how we could help him today. Expecting to be in a typical bike shop, he commented that he had recently bought a bike like one of our cruiser bikes. As most customers do, he began looking around with an inquisitive look on his face.

It happens almost every time. Customers go from a slightly defensive disposition to a demeanor of wonder. We love seeing inquisitive minds begin to open to new possibilities and more choices than they are used to seeing in other shops. As we discussed other options, including the wide range of recumbents and even velomobiles, he looked at me intently, trying to process the information. Our eyes locked for a long time, the customer looking for a contradiction that wasn’t there. Before he left, he wanted to ride a recumbent around the parking lot. The wonder on his face escalated to joy. He left, late for his meeting, calculating how to deal with the expansion his mind had just undergone. We are sure we will see him again.

This is what we are committed to at RideSouth . . . mind expansion. Of course, some resist and want to stay with the status quo. That is ok, too. We totally understand. Our own 25 years of experience on “out of the mainstream” bikes, and thousands of customers giving us positive feedback and testimony, drives us to expose folks to the possibility, that is all. It is OK to be different.

Folks rarely buy from that first exposure. They will analyze for a few days, to a few years. Some wait to raise the money, many wait to raise the courage to be different from their peers. Some wait for a debilitating injury, a painful fall or illness. Some just wait to age more.

So, if you are ready for an experience that may change the way you view the world, walk into our store for the first time. Get involved in our group rides, events and adventures. Help us to grow the cycling industry and infrastructure in our community. Help yourself to have more fun!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!

Truth: An Elusive Commodity

Truth is hard to find in most every aspect of life, it seems. Many of you may remember the long-running game show “Truth or Consequences” beginning on TV back in the early 50’s. Contestants not answering questions correctly were forced to do zany and embarrassing stunts. It was all in fun and just a game back then.

Today, not telling the truth is commonplace, widespread, accepted and even expected. There are usually no consequences and sometimes huge rewards. Just tune in any mainstream media channel for evidence. Or not. Perhaps some zany and embarrassing stunts are in order for most news commentators, politicians and their corporate sponsors!

Every retail establishment has to deal with this issue. Be sincere with every customer, tell the truth, and stay in business. That consequence of not staying in business is no game when your livelihood is at risk. So, some sales personnel are encouraged, even trained, to prevaricate from the truth to make a sale. This knowledge forces some customers to attempt to learn “truth” from other sources and generally ignore the rare, knowledgeable sales person that truly wants to help the customer decide on the best product for that customer.

At RideSouth, we value the truth above all else. That is because we value our customer relationships which are based on the truth. At twenty five years, we are not quite as long-running as the game show, but we are working on it! Thank you for believing in us and continuing to tell others that the Truth is . . . RideSouth IS the Way to Ride!