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eCats are Hot!

We are selling all the eCats we can get from Catrike! We only have a few left on the floor. Please get your order in now for deliveries within 10 months! You read that right! Other Catrikes will come a little sooner. We have eKits ordered. An eKit is an electric assist that can be added to your current Catrike. There are two kits not spoken for in our order of last August! Let us know if you are interested soon!

We have other trikes on the floor from Greenspeed, HP Velotechnik, AZUB, Hase and Terratrike. There are also four used recumbent bikes on sale from Bacchetta and RANS! Prices are as low as $800! Take advantage of these deals now!

We have curtailed our outside repair service for now. Of course we will service your RideSouth purchased bike anytime! We are working on ride events in the very near future.

Remember, next Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day! Please do something special for Mother Earth . . . every day!

Welcome Ride: 3/27/21

Welcome Ride

We are planning a Welcome Ride on Saturday, March 27, 2021 on the Longleaf Trace. We understand the trail is open most all the way to Carson, where they are working on a bridge. Please plan to be at the Hattiesburg Gateway by 9:30 AM for a 10:00 sharp launch. We plan to ride at least to Sumrall and back, but your mileage may vary! There are usually riders of all abilities, so EVERYONE is welcome!

We have no firm plans to go downtown after the ride, but you are welcome to cruise Hattiesburg or USM to enjoy the day! If you are interested in doing more than riding to Sumrall and back, please let us know and we will help to organize the route. We welcome all of our customers and friends, no matter what you ride! We will be riding our trikes for the first time in months and are looking forward to the outing!

RideSouth is gearing up for a giant CLEARANCE SALE on most accessories, display racks, and other items! We still have four, two-wheeled recumbent bikes in the store if you know of someone who still rides on only two wheels! We have kayak racks and accessories on sale as well! We will publish the SALE as soon as we have time to organize and price items, so stay tuned!

There is no charge for the Welcome Ride on the 27th, so we hope to see all of you on the fabulous LongLeaf Trace Saturday morning!

RideSouth . . . The way to Ride!!
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eCats are coming!!

We are starting to get in the awesome Catrike eCats we ordered last August! Call us to check stock and expected delivery. There is nothing like having assist available to climb that hill or keep up with the pack! We have a couple on the floor for you to try out!

For Sale!

For Sale!

Rudy Rack bicycle and trike display racks. An extensive collection of 1,2 and 3 tiered racks perfect for trikes and bicycles. All are black metal and in perfect condition to display up to 75 bikes or 46 trikes. Most can be modified for trikes or bikes.

Wall-supported stands for 20 bicycles. Stands can be easily joined for free-standing display or storage stands. Heavy duty steel construction.

Free-standing Talic kayak racks for 15 kayaks and wall mounted racks for 6 more kayaks. Floor stands for 10 more kayaks.

Kayak accessories for Hobie and other brand kayaks. All are 50% off. Includes cradles, trampolines, roof racks and numerous other items.

Vintage recumbent bicycles from RANS and Bacchetta in excellent condition. RANS Rifle XL frame set and RANS V3 Titanium frame with USS modification.

Bicycle carrying case with rollers.

All items must be picked up at our shop. Most racks are assembled and ready for use. Some are in storage. Generally speaking, items are 40%-50% off list price. Call 601 992-2490 for details.

Happy Holidays!

BentLovers and Friends

RideSouth wishes all of our customers and friends happiness and health for the upcoming holidays! Lane & I are avoiding travel and gatherings to try and stay free of the virus. We hope you are, too! We continue to work by appointment at the shop and our inventory is shrinking. We have Catrikes and eCatrikes on the floor ready for sale! For those who have already ordered, we expect our shipment of eKits to arrive in late Janurary. There are still models from Greenspeed, Ice, AZUB, HP Velotechnik, Hase and Terratrike looking for a home . . . at bargan prices!

We have some great news for Old Fannin Road cyclists! Today, Rankin County will finish a thorough cleaning of both bike lanes on this road!! The county is sweeping with their sweeper and then picking up debris . . . by hand! They are hauling it off to fill in a landfill somewhere, we imagine! This has not been done since this road was built! Bill Greenleaf and I personally inspected the work and thanked the County official on the job. It is very clean!!

In other news, we are sorry to hear of the passing of John Schlitter’s wife, Jacquie. John supported RideSouth for many years and we know this is difficult for him. We wish him and their family healing and safety during these difficult times.

None of us know the future. We can only expect the best and plan for the worst. We sincerely hope your future is full of hope and goodness in the new year, and years to come!

Happy Holidays!

Keep You Distance Ride: Ride Report

Keep Your Distance Ride: Ride Report

Our first event since Spring turned out great! The weather was nice and everyone attending seemed to have fun! We launched promptly at 10:00 AM, as advertised, and quickly out ran a light rain shower in Hattiesburg. Lane showed off a bit by leading the pack for a while on the new Catrike eCat, and we all made good time to Sumrall. Most turned around, but David kept going towards Prentiss on his tricked out Greenspeed Aero prototype. Seems we were no match for him and he went looking for some action! Way to go, David!

The sun and 76 degree November temperatures was a welcome combination for all riders. It was great to see so many trikes on the trace! Awesome lights were highly visible everywhere! We were back in Hattiesburg well before 2:00 PM, where we offered rides on the eCat for interested folks. We think this will be a popular option for many and it is now Lane’s favorite bike! We hope all who made the ride enjoyed the event. As a few folks missed us this time, we will entertain the idea of doing this again in December if you are interested! Please let us know!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Keep Your Distance!

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BentLovers and Friends

Are you ready for November? For many years, November included our Birthday Challenge Ride, always a crowd favorite! This November 7th, we will have our first Keep Your Distance Ride on the Longleaf Trace! We will launch from the Hattiesburg Gateway for the LongLeaf Trace at 10:00 AM sharp on Saturday! Participants can ride toward Sumrall for as long as they wish, and as slow as they wish! The only ask is that you wear a mask when not riding to help contain the virus, please!

We will be showcasing the new eCat from Catrike! If you are interested, see Lane after the ride to test it out! We are excited about this product for many reasons! Also, many of you have reserved the eKit from Catrike to upgrade your own Catrike to electric assist. A great way to improve your distance and speed without purchasing a whole new bike!

If you haven’t already discovered, we are still operating by appointment only for sales at RideSouth. We have limited our service to bikes we have sold, for the most part, to allow time for sales and assembly. We still have a good selection of new and used trikes on the floor and a few two wheeled bikes. Our focus in the future will be trikes only.

We think outings such as the Keep Your Distance Ride will encourage many to safely enjoy cycling on the LongLeaf Trace and keep your legs active yearround, while practicing social distancing. We look forward to seeing your smiling eyes just two weeks from this Saturday in Hattiesburg!!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!
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A half year ago, we talked about change. We are sure you have changed, and we hope all are well! Here is how our shop has changed:

We are still working by appointment only. This has prevented congregating in the shop, and is easier to manage giving individual assistance to customers wearing masks. We expect to continue for the foreseeable future, for everyone’s safety.

We have curtailed most outside repairs for two reasons. We quickly became overwhelmed, and our suppliers could not supply the basics, like tires and tubes! We hope that will change by the end of this year.

We have sold all of our upright bikes except for two! We have a great Marin commuter bike, 17 inch size, reduced to $499. We also have a Marin road bike (48.5 cm, small), for the same price. This will deplete our non-recumbent bikes offered at the present time. With prepayment, we can order Marin, Fuji and other brands.

We have one used long wheelbase, and four used short wheelbase recumbent two-wheeled bikes on sale. Prices vary from $700 to $2900. These bikes are in great shape and are real bargains!

We have one demo kayak left. It is a great fishing kayak from Point 65 North Sweden, dubbed the Kingfisher! It will fit in your SUV, so no trailer or rack is needed. You can stand up in it to fish, or sit and pedal, forward or backwards! Also comes with a paddle. We have an inflatable SUP by Jobe for $799, also. Price includes pump, bag and paddle!

Our inventory of recumbent trikes has dwindled from more than 50 to about 30 . . . today. Trikes rule here, and will be our mainstay in the future! The real evolution at RideSouth is electric assist trikes. That’s right, we have come full circle from our past philosophy of only human-powered machines! Customers want the assist, and Catrike has the best system we have found. We can even retrofit your old Catrike with an eCat kit!

We’re still evolving and don’t know our future. Organized rides have been put on hold. We want to plan a ride on November 7, launching from Hattiesburg. We will call it “Keep Your Distance Ride”. We plan to Launch from the Hattiesburg Gateway on the LongLeaf Trace at 10:00 AM, ride to Sumrall, and return to Hattiesburg. We hope everyone will wear a mask when not actually riding, and, well, will keep your distance! Please email us if you are interested in this ride!

Thank you for continuing to support us and continuing to believe RideSouth is The Way to Ride!


We are implementing a new policy at RideSouth. To limit COVID 19 exposure, we will only see you or your bike by appointment. Gloves and mask are required to enter the shop. Please call 601 992-2490 to set up an appointment for purchase or repair.

Thank You!

A Way Forward

A Way Forward

We have come a long way, BentLovers and Friends! We feel for all of you who are limited to interactions with grandkids through window panes, or worse. We have been closed now for a couple of weeks, to help prevent the virus spreading from and to our customers. We are ok, and are remaining in isolation to remain so. We sincerely hope you are, too!

Our hearts go out to all of our caregiver friends and customers. We know you take unbelievable risks, and we applaud you everyday . . . with clean hands! For a while, we took in repairs to help folks cope with the isolation and extra time on their hands, but we have curtailed that to prevent cross contamination. We have, and will continue to take calls and try to guide you through some simple repairs, via telephone.

We are considering doorstep delivery for new trikes you might be considering. Of course this will have to be discussed and the details worked out for each case. Many of you have shopped for a trike before the pandemic hit, and desperately need an outlet for solitary exercise and mental therapy. If you know of someone that could benefit from this service, please contact us. Of course all precautions will be taken to provide a clean and safe transfer.

Survival is not inevitable these days. But change is. So, we hope to change and survive. We will post reopening on our website. Until then, feel free to call us for advice and repair help over the phone or through email. If you have had your eye on a new trike, now may be the best time for it to appear on your driveway! We wish safety and health for all of you!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!
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