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Longleaf Trace Ride on 11/18/23

Longleaf Trace Ride

BentLovers and Friends

Many of you have requested we resume our group rides on the Longleaf Trace. So, on November 18 at 10:00 AM from the Hattiesburg Gateway, we plan to launch towards Sumrall. There will be no real agenda, other than launching together at 10:00 AM. If you are out of shape, like us, ride till you are half-tired and return to Hattiesburg. If you are ride-hardened, the entire trail is open, according to the LLT people!

After the ride, some may want to ride or drive to downtown Hattiesburg to refuel. We can discuss the destination at the launch. We also have a customer willing to draft a petition to improve the bike trails around the Barnett Reservoir, which he will present at the launch for interested parties.

We are excited to plan another event for our friends and customers! We hope you will plan to attend! It has been too long since we have seen you, and way too long since we have ridden our bikes!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!
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[email protected]

We’re Expanding!!

That’s right! RideSouth is adding a service center at our home shop! We are in the process of outfitting a full service trike center at our nearby home! We are seeking someone to take over our present location. Since we have been successful working by appointment for a few years, we will keep both locations open! If you have bike repair skills and shop management skills you should contact us.

Meanwhile, our hottest sellers are the eCats from Catrike! We have a demo in the shop for you to test. Everyone who tests, orders one! The wait time has been reduced from a year, to around a week! Catrike informs us all models and all colors are in stock today! You can also add the eKit to any Catrike! The assist lets you go farther and faster! The new Max is their awesome new model that everyone will like! It is nimble, stable, lightweight and has a 440 pound capacity! Really!!

We have put most in-stock accessories on sale for 25% off to empty racks that will be used in the new location. Now is the time to grab that bag or accessory you have been wanting. We still have some kayak accessory clearance, including storage racks.

We have used bikes in the store by RANS, Bacchetta, Hase, Greenspeed and Catrike. We also have the unmistakable Greenspeed Glyde velomobile, if you really want to be noticed! Driving the Glyde is great fun when the weather turns a bit cooler and you want to maximize your speed!

As soon as we finish outfitting the home shop, we will take some time off and head for our favorite trails . . . The Longleaf Trail, Tammany Trace and Tanglefoot Trail. We will let you know in case you wish to join us! In the interim, remember that RideSouth is still, after 25 years, “The Way to Ride!”

RideSouth Update

BentLovers and Friends

Many of you have asked for an update on the status of RideSouth. We are still operating and selling recumbent trikes. Catrike is a popular brand that we can get almost immediately so we only keep demos usually. We still get some great used trikes in as well.

The past couple of years has been a story of surviving and building. We managed to survive the virus attacks so far and are finishing the long term building of our house. Both have been difficult, but fairly successful. We are still looking for someone to take our place as promoter and supplier of recumbents in the region.

A bit of news – to the many Greenspeed Magnum pilots. If you have the later rectangular frame (not the round one) we can fit the popular Bosch electric assist drive on your trike! Call me if you are interested and we will give you the particulars.

We miss seeing and riding with you on the trails and roads! Our bodies miss being on the trikes too! Hopefully we can remedy all soon! Let us hear from you if we can help and we will do our best! We are still working by appointment, but are rarely more than a few minutes away from the shop.

RideSouth . . .The Way to Ride!
601 291-1004
105 Avalon Court
Brandon, MS 39047

[email protected]

We are still here . . .

Ride South Recumbents, LLC is still here and selling trikes! We will provide some detailed information at a later date, but feel free to call us at 601 291-1004 (this number will accept texts) any time. We are working on a new location for the business, near by, and have considered searching for the right person to take over at this location. If you are interested, you should call ASAP. More later . . .



In a few days, we will arrive. December 21 is the Winter Solstice. After this date, the sun appears more often, brighter and warmer. At least that is our point of view . . . longer days to enjoy the out-of-doors, and more time to ride our trikes!

We have a request. If you have asked for, paid for, or even lusted for a trike from Catrike, please contact us. Everything is in flux, it seems, and we have some trikes postponed and some coming earlier than expected, so let us hear from you!

If you want to test a Catrike, please call and set up an appointment. We will be around most of the holidays. We even have a new Greenspeed Magnum XL if your St. Nick needs a cool sleigh to ride this Christmas! There are STILL a few recumbent bikes on the floor, for your upright bike rider friends who are tired of the pain and want a faster, safer ride!

We are busy (finally!) putting trikes together, so please call for an appointment anytime. We are limiting repairs to trikes we have sold to concentrate on assembly. We hope you understand.

Yes, these days have become shorter and sometimes gloomy. Sure, one can focus on that . . . or one can choose to see a cooperative future for humanity. It’s a race, to be sure, and victory can be elusive and short-lived. Let’s make this Solstice a turning point toward a brighter future, together!

Happy Holidays!
RideSouth Recumbents
601 992-2490
601 291-1004 (cell)

LLT Ride this Saturday!

LLT Ride this Saturday!

Looks like the weather will be perfect on the Longleaf Trace this Saturday, May 29th at 10:00 AM! That is when we will launch, so plan to be at the Hattiesburg Gateway at USM under the water tower a bit early. It will be great to see everyone at the launch! Plans are to ride toward Sumrall (or further), and return to the Southern Prohibition Brewery in downtown Hattiesburg to top off our tanks! Hope everyone will join us!

The RideSouth shop will be closed Saturday for the event. We will also be closed on Monday.

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!!

[email protected]
601 992-2490

Ride Event and Trike Buy-Back!

Ride Event: May 29th LLT

We are planning to ride the Longleaf Trace (LLT) on Saturday, May 29th. Launch time is 10:00 AM from the Hattiesburg Gateway. The ride is self-supported and will continue west on the Trace as long as we have time and energy! If conditions allow, we will finish at the Southern Prohibition Brewery after we return to Hattiesburg to top off our tanks! The entire trail is 41 miles, one direction. Your milage may vary!

Inventory at RideSouth has drastically changed lately! We are down to just a few trikes. Resupply will not begin until the FALL! So, we are soliciting everyone who purchased trikes from us to consider allowing us to BUY BACK your neglected RideSouth purchased trike, and find it a new home! Of course, we want you to dust it off and ride with us on the ride in two weeks, but if that is not in the cards, please call and arrange an appointment at the shop to evaluate your trike. We are not accepting two wheeled bikes, recumbent or not. There are four used recumbent bikes on our floor that are excellent buys!

The eCat trikes from Catrike have been a big hit! Our supply is totally depleted except for one demo that we will keep on hand! We still have two eKits left to modify your existing Catrike. Resupply of eCats will not happen until next February, Catrike tells us! We are talking with other suppliers, so if you have a wish, now is the time to make it known to us!

We still have some kayak gear on sale for half price, in addition to many kayak and bike racks we are letting go cheap! Due to the low inventory, we are still working by appointment. Outside service is still limited as well. Of course, we will service your RideSouth purchased bike anytime, but please call first.

Hope to see everyone on May 29th at the Longleaf Trace in Hattiesburg!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!
601 992-2490
[email protected]

eCats are Hot!

We are selling all the eCats we can get from Catrike! We only have a few left on the floor. Please get your order in now for deliveries within 10 months! You read that right! Other Catrikes will come a little sooner. We have eKits ordered. An eKit is an electric assist that can be added to your current Catrike. There are two kits not spoken for in our order of last August! Let us know if you are interested soon!

We have other trikes on the floor from Greenspeed, HP Velotechnik, AZUB, Hase and Terratrike. There are also four used recumbent bikes on sale from Bacchetta and RANS! Prices are as low as $800! Take advantage of these deals now!

We have curtailed our outside repair service for now. Of course we will service your RideSouth purchased bike anytime! We are working on ride events in the very near future.

Remember, next Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day! Please do something special for Mother Earth . . . every day!

Welcome Ride: 3/27/21

Welcome Ride

We are planning a Welcome Ride on Saturday, March 27, 2021 on the Longleaf Trace. We understand the trail is open most all the way to Carson, where they are working on a bridge. Please plan to be at the Hattiesburg Gateway by 9:30 AM for a 10:00 sharp launch. We plan to ride at least to Sumrall and back, but your mileage may vary! There are usually riders of all abilities, so EVERYONE is welcome!

We have no firm plans to go downtown after the ride, but you are welcome to cruise Hattiesburg or USM to enjoy the day! If you are interested in doing more than riding to Sumrall and back, please let us know and we will help to organize the route. We welcome all of our customers and friends, no matter what you ride! We will be riding our trikes for the first time in months and are looking forward to the outing!

RideSouth is gearing up for a giant CLEARANCE SALE on most accessories, display racks, and other items! We still have four, two-wheeled recumbent bikes in the store if you know of someone who still rides on only two wheels! We have kayak racks and accessories on sale as well! We will publish the SALE as soon as we have time to organize and price items, so stay tuned!

There is no charge for the Welcome Ride on the 27th, so we hope to see all of you on the fabulous LongLeaf Trace Saturday morning!

RideSouth . . . The way to Ride!!
601 992-2490
[email protected]

eCats are coming!!

We are starting to get in the awesome Catrike eCats we ordered last August! Call us to check stock and expected delivery. There is nothing like having assist available to climb that hill or keep up with the pack! We have a couple on the floor for you to try out!