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More Ride Info

Our favorite ride of the year is this Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25!! Launch time is an early 7:00 AM Saturday from the RideSouth shop. We will not have the Bread Ride this Saturday and the RideSouth shop will be closed for the 2012 Signature Ride. We will have a RideSouth Workshop Clinic on Thursday about Riding Long Distances, including a panel discussion by a number of record breaking cyclists, who are sure to share some of their wisdom with us mere mortals! The workshop begins at 6:00 PM at the shop. Also, we will have a brief Friday meeting at 6:00 PM to finalize shuttle transportation for the ride.

If you haven’t noticed, RideSouth is on YouTube! Check out the “bentbikeman” channel for some informative and fun videos! Special thanks to Captain Johnny for the great persona and music! We have had numerous requests for future episodes, so put in your bid and we will work on it! Check out our Discussions page for a link to the channel. Soon we will have a button on our homepage for a direct link.

There is plenty of time to sign up for the 2012 Signature Ride! This is a great way to begin your year of riding and getting into shape! The weather will be perfect and the roads are all great! Come and join us for all the fun!