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No, you didn’t miss six months of what will be an eventful summer! It is still May, but it is time to give thanks to some folks who have influenced us and made a difference in our business and our lives. First of all my wife Lane, who has supported me in spite of some of my wild ideas and actions. Lane is retiring from teaching this year and will be making a difference in other ways, I am sure! Although in Alabama, my Mom, sisters and family continue to show support, and for that I will always be grateful, too! Our Shop Manager, Drez, will be leaving us too soon to pursue a masters degree in Geography in Texas. We will miss the help and support in the shop he has offered for the last two years, and are grateful for the time we have had together. Captain Johnny is still on board, when he is not on a banjo gig somewhere, and we are grateful for the productive shop time and cheer leading support he and Beth continue to provide for RideSouth! We hope he will continue to enjoy working with us! Our newest staff member Elizabeth, has made a difference in the way our shop looks for sure, and we are thankful for her time here. We have many needs, and hope she can find the right formula to help us meet our goals!

Thank you to Doug Morgan, our friend and riding buddy, who is riding the Ride of Love again this year! We are supporting Doug financially and hope you will too! Please get your contributions to him this week, as the ride is Saturday! As Doug pointed out, this is the only charity we know of that the kids with cancer are there waiting for you to finish the tough 150 mile ride to Camp Smile-A-Mile! Thank you to our loyal customers, some of whom have supported us for the fourteen years we have been in business! What a blessing to have so many Friends-of-RideSouth! And, thank you to our first time customers who have begun to trust that we really are looking out for their best interest! We value your trust greatly!

Coming up on Memorial Day, May 28, we are organizing an event to give thanks to the many men and women in uniform who have sacrificed everything for our freedom. What a great Thanksgiving Day in May! Help us honor their memory by riding in the Trike Tribute beginning at RideSouth by 9:00 AM, Monday, May 28! We will have American Flags for you and many are decorating their trikes in red, white and blue! After the ride, join us for some great Natchez BBQ and ping pong action at the shop! Let us know if you are coming and we will be able to prepare better. Thank You!!