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New Age

The oxymoronic term “New Age” has always intrigued me. This past Monday morning, I celebrated my birthday with a good friend, by riding my new age in miles. Although not new to me, it is always a treat to enjoy the Natchez Trace in the cool morning air . . . even as that age marker advances!

Age happens to almost everyone. With age, a lot of new things become available. Although more “individual” than “social”, and certainly less secure than we would like, that regular government check is not far off. On a more positive note, consider the seventy year old, four-man cycling team that almost beat the younger Bacchetta team in the recent Race Across America! The time difference was only thirty minutes in six and a half days of continuous racing . . . 3000 miles! Inspiring!

If you are about to experience some new age, we encourage participation in some upcoming events to help keep you feeling young. We have continued to sponsor our RideSouth Rise & Shine Bread Rides from the shop almost every Saturday for over ten years! There is a route and speed for everyone! The popular Natchez or Bust Ride is coming up in October, usually the same weekend as the Balloon Fest in Natchez. Many folks are going to Greenwood, Arkansas, or Alabama to ride in the coming months. Please comment on our Discussions Page if you are interested in those events, or if you want to plan your own event.

We are excited ( in our new age :-)) to conceive a new event! We are calling it the RideSouth Trike Challenge. We are challenging you young folks to beat up this rider on a thirty mile ride on the Longleaf Trace. The date is September 8 and the place is Hattiesburg, MS. RideSouth will make a big donation to the Johnny & Beth Rawls Cancer Fund if you can! You can read more about the event as it develops, and also offer to help to pull it off, on our Discussions Page. OK, we know it’s not just you young folks but especially you “more experienced” seniors on tricycles that we have to worry about!

In addition to participating in these cool events, we hope you will visit our shop soon to check out our new age bicycles and kayaks! We have lots of trikes, including some very fast machines that will leave your riding buddies of all ages, gasping! For your water sports fun, we have almost every Hobie Mirage kayak in stock now, including the award winning Pro Angler 12. A great way to move on the water, hands free! We love new things . . . even at our age!