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Worlds Apart

Lately, we have seen a trend toward folks “living” in a virtual world . . . more than “doing” in a real world. Social media is rampant and perhaps even necessary. However, there is not an app for feeling the wind in your face, the burning in your legs, the pounding in your chest and the exhilaration of going somewhere on your bike! No amount of button pushing or iPad shaking will burn the calories of a short bicycle ride or kayak trip! As we have posted before, more folks die from sedentary lifestyles than from riding a bike in hot weather, by a long shot.

Yes, we have delved into the virtual world a moment to write this and we watched a bit of Wimbledon yesterday, on TV. Join us now in the real world. We have new kayaks and bicycles on the floor and in the warehouse to assemble. Try a new model or get out your old model and go somewhere. You will be glad you did! Besides, our real world is heating up and we had better get used to it! Why not make it a better place in the doing?