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Kayak Time!

With the “official” end of the summer approaching, now is the time to consider the fun and excitement of kayaking on our many lakes and streams around Mississippi. We have models that excel in fishing, recreation, touring, sailing and hunting.

Consider the Hobie kayaks for hands-free operation if you want the ultimate in versatility. The new, award winning Pro Angler 12 is the best fishing boat we have ever seen, bar none! We have personally tried it out and made lots of believers in it’s stability and maneuverability. With the sail kit, it does it all! The all time favorite Outback model still remains the best selling SUV, or sports utility vehicle on the water. The capacity of the Outback is amazing for a lightweight kayak that anyone can easily car top! We especially like the Revolution 13 and 11 for fast, light kayaking with the stability of much bigger kayaks. The Sport is great for smaller folks, including kids! To go really fast, or tour, the Adventure series cannot be beat! Of course the ultimate adventure is walking around on your own island . . . The Tandem Adventure Island! This is a seaworthy kayak that could tour the planet, or slip up Pelahatchie Creek!

We have the popular Wilderness brands and Liquid Logic kayaks for you to consider, as well. They are all great kayaks that allow anyone to experience our Southern waterways in style and comfort. We also have paddles, personal flotation devices and other kayaking accessories to help make your next adventure a safe and memorable experience. We always provide the best kayaks and accessories we can find, because we know that quality remains long after every other consideration!

So, find our shop and buy your special kayak before the inflation takes hold and prices begin to go up even more. The weather is beginning to break a bit and the water is calling! Or if you already know us, rediscover why RideSouth is not only The Way to Ride, but also The Way to Kayak!

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