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We are faced with choices constantly, ranging from the seemingly benign, paper or plastic, to life threatening, fight or flight. A movement is growing, however, that recognizes shades of grey rather than black or white, another direction, rather than up or down, and a different way of thinking . . . alternatives. Bringing a reusable cloth bag to the grocery is a good alternative for our planet, and negotiating might save a relationship, or a war. That would be a welcome alternative.

On a lighter note, for many folks coming into the shop, their perceived choice history has been a mountain bike, or road bike. The hybrid kind of got thrown into the mix over the years as a combination of the two. But many folks are discovering that there is a real alternative . . . a recumbent bike! Recumbents can excel in categories such as safety, speed, fun and comfort. Yes, similarly weighted, they can climb hills as well as any bike! We prove that over and over. They come in all styles, two wheeled, three wheeled and even four wheeled! More choices to consider!

You can debate road, mountain, or recumbent, just like you can debate whether the two prominent presidential candidates, or an alternative, cyclist-friendly candidate Jill Stein, has the better ideas. We are fortunate to have these choices. Popularity has never been a requirement for the best choice. Consider the originally unpopular Apple Computer. Cloth bags and bicycles make good sense for our planet. Let’s have a timely debate on our other important alternatives while we still have time!