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What’s it worth?

Occasionally we get a call from someone wanting to know what a used recumbent bike, or trike, is worth. Invariably, we refuse to assign a value to someone else’s bike, sight unseen. Also, we feel uncomfortable when used as a pricing instrument to help someone else buy or sell a bike. We feel that negotiation needs to be only between the buyer and seller. That is where worth should be evaluated.

You see, we have found over the years that the worth of our bikes shows up in many different areas. Take relationships, for example. We have formed, and seen formed, life-long relationships with, and from our customers due to riding together on our weekly or annual cycling events. We have developed friendships and insights from a diverse group of individuals with a common interest. The bikes, and many riders, are still different enough to attract attention, both on and off the road. When asked about his unusual bike and appearance, our customer and friend Alan once said “I am a unique individual . . . just like everybody else.” That’s a good thing.

We constantly hear great stories about how our customers have surprised themselves in their accomplishments on their new RideSouth recumbent bike, or trike. We expect them now, and they never get old! Scott told us, after riding only a few months, he was off all medication and feeling great! Rodger has improved his racquetball game and can out-ride most of his friends now on his trike! Beth’s main motivation to surviving breast cancer was to ride one of her recumbent bikes!

The therapeutic value of a fast interval, a very long ride, a daily commute, or even a cross country tour has worth beyond measure. How about Dominic riding his Bacchetta bike from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast! Or consider Janet, who rode her Greenspeed trike to the Pacific Ocean, having started from the Atlantic Ocean . . . alone! She has even published a book about it called One More Mountain! What worth do you put on seeing a young man like Jonathan riding his first bike . . . ever! Or Kayla, showing off her Trets Trike to the hundreds of high school students who made it possible for her to ride! We have seen folks of all ages and capabilities conquer their own mountains, however large or small!

Since the late nineties, we have enjoyed being a catalyst for these stories to develop. It is a passion and motivation that drives us daily. We take enormous pride in placing you on the right machine for your needs. Let us get you started on the best part of your life, the next part! We want to help you write your story. How much could that be worth?