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Trim & Happy

Maybe you have seen the recently published study of the Happiest States in the USA. Did you notice that Mississippi is in the bottom five? Probably, you know we are also on the heavy end of the stick when obesity enters the conversation. Growing up in the South, the term “fat & happy” got thrown around enough be considered the norm. Argue the point and you just might get shot at! But here are meaningful studies that say what we really know to be true . . . it just isn’t so.

Now, consider a case in point. Unhappy Mississippi legislators, who have been loathe to pass bills to help protect us from texting drivers, have catapulted us to the top of the state’s rights heap by swiftly proposing a bill to ban anyone from even suggesting we should limit our sugar intake. Now that is a ground breaking piece of legislation you can sink your teeth into! Should we call it the “Don’t call me fat” bill?

Now, before you get your back up too high, know that this writer is too fat . . . and unhappy about it, thereby fitting in with both Mississippi surveys. No hypocrisy here! Know also, that there is a general distrust of ALL politicians, and an overall urge to only label them as American congress people, with no further distinction. Furthermore, we should force them all to sit, eat and play together – all aisles removed! How is that for a worthwhile bill?

Back to what can be done in my small corner of the world, riding a bicycle is about the only exercise that comes easily and is really enjoyable. It is totally fun to go somewhere on my bike! However, even on the lightest bike, carrying my excessive weight up hills contributes to my state of unhappiness. But, I find that the more I do it, the less unhappy I am! Here at RideSouth, we have real folks in all sizes coming into the shop daily, who are not happy and want to change . . . and we can help.

Sure, there is traffic out there, and many drivers are distracted, so I do what I can to be visible, yet always ride as if I am invisible. If you consider the study on “How you will die” we published here some time back, bicycle riding is a rather safe bet. And on a positive note, Mississippi has been noted as twenty-forth in the nation for bicycle-friendliness! Let’s hear it for our state!

So, if you are unhappy about your weight, or just want to be better, you can burn several day’s caloric intake on one ride if you want to (see Signature Ride below), and drink all the no-calorie water you care to! And, most importantly, you can have fun! Come join us and get happier! See why RideSouth is The Way to Ride!

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