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Something ventured . . .

Perhaps you have heard the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Or, if you are like me, you may prefer your motivational sayings structured in a more positive way. In fact, why would anyone try to motivate someone with the negative of an idea? Don’t run! Don’t touch that! Don’t eat too much! You get the idea? So, have you ventured out lately?

At RideSouth, we have accepted the challenge of presenting something new to folks for fifteen years. It has become a little easier over the years, because our customers have done some of the work . . . by being good examples. The thousands of customer photos on our website help as well. Still, occasionally a customer will walk through the shop and walk out, avoiding any interaction with our eager sales staff. Nothing ventured.

We understand it is difficult to change. There are so many things we are comfortable with, even though we know there are alternatives we should consider. Heck, there are even things we are uncomfortable with that we resist changing. The world is filled with medications, and docs that will prescribe them, because we refuse to change our life style, or because we just don’t know how to change. That venture, or education, it appears, is up to us.

How does that relate to RideSouth, you might ask? For those smart folks still in the education process, we offer informative test rides on all our bikes and educational videos on many subjects. We have workshop clinics for our customers and community service talks for local groups. We offer rides like the Reunion Ride coming up on April 21, to encourage you to branch out and meet some new folks, or renew some old acquaintances. We present rides like the Signature Ride that will test your endurance, and we have weekly Bread Rides that test your resolve to venture out early in the morning!

So, the motivational question of the day is – can you find something to venture out on? If it is an informative visit to all of us at RideSouth, we will make sure that you leave with something gained! RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!