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Trikeing the Trace & Trails

BentLovers & Friends

We are planning a twist to the long-running Rise & Shine Bread Rides we have offered from the shop, forever, it seems! How about meeting at the Natchez Trace Overlook at 8:00 AM this Saturday morning, August 17! We can ride up the Trace or down the trails! You choose! Up the Trace goes about 20 miles if you turnaround at Hwy 43, 30 miles if you ride to River Bend and back. You can get up to about 30 miles if you go the other way on the trails and back! There is plenty of parking at the Overlook, or you can ride your bike over.

This is meant to be a change that everyone can participate in no matter how far you wish to ride. No, we won’t have fresh, hot oat bran bread for you, and we won’t be leaving from the shop, but the sacrifice can be meaningful for all if we can get more of you riding! Yes, bikes are welcome, of course, but thrice is nice 🙂 We will provide leadership on both routes for the next two weeks to see how it goes. Please encourage your friends to dust off their trikes and join us!!

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