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Tanglefoot Trail Opening Postponed… again. New Book!

Unfortunately, the Tanglefoot Trail Opening Ceremony has been put off again. We were scheduled for September 21, but Trail Manager Don Locke says it will be in October now. That is OK with us as maybe we will have some fall weather to enjoy by then!

In other news, we will continue to launch our Saturday rides from the Natchez Trace Overlook at 8:00 AM. More and more trikes are coming out to enjoy the trails, and some new friendships are being formed! We hope you will join us this Saturday for some fun!

If you need motivation, get a copy of our friend’s book “One More Mountain”! Janet Buckwalter writes about meeting human challenges in a way that is very entertaining. Here is a summary by Janet:

One More Mountain: Road Warriors Explore America

Experience five wildly different journeys across America. Dip your toes into the Pacific Ocean after pedaling 4,100 miles with a silver-haired, spitfire grandma on a trike. Feel your lungs explode as you struggle the last few miles up and over the Rocky Mountains with Dick & Rick on their bike/wheelchair. Beg your quivering biceps to stay in the race with Team Can Be Venture racing their hand cycles. Hear the wheels of your skateboard hug the hairpin turns down the Appalachians as Jack shares the memory of his son across the US. Find refreshment in the warm, bottled water taste of youthful idealism as Matt and Brandon run mile after mile, sharing their dream to bring clean water to the children of Africa. These are the stories of individuals who crossed America, sometimes under harsh conditions, to spotlight individuals with disabilities, share memories of loved ones, or help those in need.

This book is a celebration of strength.
Of ordinary folks doing extraordinary things.
Of shouting in the face of obstacles, “Yes I Can!”
Of living life based on what it can be instead of what is.

Please check out this book at

It’s also sold in Kindle format at

And last…..and the most fun…..you can capture a glimpse of the heart of the book on this video at