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Tackle the Tanglefoot!

This Sunday, October 20, the Tanglefoot Trail in North Mississippi will have three Grand Opening Ceremonies. The first two are at Houston and New Albany at 1:00 PM. These are the South and North ends of the trail. The next is at Pontotoc at 4:00 PM, the middle of the trail.

The RideSouth Bus will depart from the shop at 9:45 AM, for the elementary school in Houston, Mississippi. If you would like to join us, please e-mail your contact info and we will look for you on Sunday. There is limited space on the Bus, so let us know ASAP. We will return when all passengers have ridden their fill, which will probably be after dark, so if you plan to ride the entire trail, have working lights on your bike.

We hope you will join us in supporting the Grand Opening of another great Rails-to-Trails project in Mississippi! While many of you have enjoyed the Longleaf Trace in South Mississippi, the Tanglefoot Trail gives you folks up North a great recreational bike trail to enjoy with your friends and family that is closer to home! We hope to see you Sunday as you Tackle the Tanglefoot in your own way and we show once again that RideSouth is the Way to Ride!