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Happy Challenge

Happy Challenge

Some of our customers . . .

We would like to challenge you to recall a time when you have felt happier than the moment we captured at your RideSouth purchase/purchases, depicted in these photos of you! It will take some time to browse all the smiles to find yours, perhaps, but we remember each and every one of these moments as being a joyful and determined event for you!

Now, we understand life offers many opportunities to feel happy, and life offers many challenges. Some things change, and some things stay the same. The real challenge is for us to remember the good times and the positive things we have done in the past . . . and repeat them, over and over. Yes, our memory fades sometimes and we need reminding. Consider this a friendly reminder that we remember a time when you were happy . . . and we hope you still are!

So, we are challenging you to repeat those smiles by enjoying that bike or kayak again! Dust off the seat, air up the tires and go for a ride! Load up that kayak and experience the joy of going somewhere new, or familiar, on the water! Find that “room without a roof” in the great outdoors! It sure makes Pharrell Williams “Happy” in his hit song by the same name!

If you need a venue for your re-adventure, join us for a Picnic Ride/Float this Sunday, April 27 at Jeff Davis Lake, in Prentiss! There will be folks in the same boat there! Ride as much as you want around the lake, or on The Longleaf Trace, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with friends and family. The Picnic Event will be from 2-7 PM at the main pavilion at the lake. If you need a ride, the RideSouth bus will take you there! If you need more information just call the shop. That makes us happy!

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