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It’s gonna be a Hobie weekend!

It’s gonna be a Hobie weekend!

RideSouth will receive a truckload of brand new Hobie Kayaks this Saturday afternoon! If you have put off that desire to be moving on the water, HANDS FREE, here is your chance to get the fresh Hobie Mirage Kayak of your dreams! If you have a special request, we have another shipment leaving California next Monday and we need your order NOW! Please call us to check on availability of your boat on these two shipments.

As we have a few used Hobies left, we will offer a ONE TIME DEMO sometime this Sunday, if weather permits. Please come in to the shop today, or Saturday, to discuss options on your participation in the demo and the times available. We offer this to our good customers that need just a bit of prodding to make one of the best buying decisions ever! We hope you will then understand why we also say . . . RideSouth . . . The Way to Paddle!

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