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The RideSouth Experience

The RideSouth Experience

Yesterday, while waiting for an appointment in a nearby building, a customer walked into RideSouth. We met him at the door and asked how we could help him today. Expecting to be in a typical bike shop, he commented that he had recently bought a bike like one of our cruiser bikes. As most customers do, he began looking around with an inquisitive look on his face.

It happens almost every time. Customers go from a slightly defensive disposition to a demeanor of wonder. We love seeing inquisitive minds begin to open to new possibilities and more choices than they are used to seeing in other shops. As we discussed other options, including the wide range of recumbents, drive shaft bikes, and even velomobiles he looked at me intently, trying to process the information. Our eyes locked for a long time, the customer looking for a contradiction that wasn’t there. Before he left, he wanted to ride a recumbent around the parking lot. The wonder on his face escalated to joy. He left, late for his meeting, calculating how to deal with the expansion his mind had just undergone. We are sure we will see him again.

This is what we are committed to at RideSouth . . . mind expansion. Of course, some resist and want to stay with the status quo. That is ok, too. We totally understand. Our own fifteen years of experience on “out of the mainstream” bikes and boats, and thousands of customers giving us positive feedback and testimony, drives us to expose folks to the possibility, that is all. It is OK to be different.

Folks rarely buy from that first exposure. They will analyze for a few days, to a few years. Some wait to raise the money, many wait to raise the courage to be different from their peers. Some just want to fit in and ride big name bikes. That is perfectly fine with us. Some wait for a debilitating injury, a painful fall or illness. Some just wait to age more.

So, if you are ready for an experience that may change the way you view the world, at least on a bicycle or kayak, walk into our store for the first time. Get involved in our group rides, events and adventures. Have your bike serviced in our excellent service department. Check out our accessories for cycling and kayaking. Help us to grow the cycling industry and infrastructure in our community. Help yourself to have more fun!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!