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Picnic Ride Saturday April 2

BentLovers and Friends

Join us for a Picnic Ride Saturday April 2, 2016 on the Longleaf Trace! We will have special events for all trikes and bikes, including a Picnic Poker Ride! Bring your favorite picnic food for later in the day, or you can choose from a couple of restaurants nearby to refuel. Launch with us at 9:00 AM from the Sumrall Gateway to the Longleaf Trace. Everyone will Ride South to Hattiesburg for a maximum of 15 miles, then return to Sumrall. Your mileage and speed may vary!!

Then you can have lunch if you wish, or keep on riding toward Prentiss. The temps will be just right for a good long ride, so plan to make a day of it! We will have a fun riding game planned for all. You can read about it below. We will have the bus available for you and your trike or bike to be transported to and from Sumrall, if you wish. The bus will need to leave the RideSouth shop by 7 AM and will return by 5 PM. The shop will be closed for the day. Please RSVP if you need to ride the bus.

Picnic Poker Rules

At launch time (9:00 AM) each rider will be dealt 3 cards. Rider will display these cards on bike or person at all times using the card display device provided. All riders will launch towards Hattiesburg on the LongLeaf Trace from Sumrall (launch point). Along the way riders are encouraged to swap cards with other riders, or form alliances with riders to enhance a combined 5 card poker hand. Teams formed along the way should coordinate their arrival time back at the Sumrall Station to arrive together and register their hands on the clipboard at the picnic area.
Riders wishing to continue can head toward Prentiss and continue to swap cards or form new alliances to enhance their hands if desired. At 3:00 PM the registered 5 card hands from individuals, or formed teams, will be compared and prizes will be awarded to the top 5 according to standard poker rules.