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More choices . . .

More choices . . .

Today, many folks seem unsure of their perceived choices. The two, well publicized styles have too many issues. In fact, a majority of people dislike either style so much that they might choose to not even participate!

Yes, peer pressure is a very powerful force to keep you in the pace line of mainstream thinking. But is it really thinking, or just reacting? Someone pointed out that thinking is the hardest work a person can do . . . that is why most people don’t!

However, the forward thinkers are beginning to discover alternatives. They are looking past the stereotypes and liking what they see. They are seeing their future in a different way. A safe, comfortable way that is truly sustainable and green. That is, growing and life giving green.

So, are you up for a little thinking work? Are you ready to open your mind and consider the alternatives? If you are, we think you will find some excellent, politically correct choices you can live with whether you are riding a bike or saving a planet! You might even have some fun along the way!