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America’s Choice Ride

America’s Choice Ride – November 5, 2016 – Longleaf Trace

Those of you who remember our Birthday Challenge Rides on the Longleaf Trace will want to come out and participate in our first, and maybe our last, America’s Choice Ride on the fabulous Longleaf Trace on November 5! We plan to launch from Sumrall at 10:00 AM on the Saturday before our historical presidential election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

We hope to challenge you to ride your age in miles, or kilometers, like the old Birthday Challenge rides, but with a new wrinkle. We hope to challenge you to represent your choice for President as well! We will have Jill, Gary, Donald and Hillary ribbons representing the four candidates in the 2016 Presidential race. So if you are proud of who you want to vote FOR, decorate yourselves and your trikes accordingly! If you want to keep it a secret, we respect that too!

So, the question is, are you up to it? Of course the miles, or kilometers, will be hard to do for some of us, but are you up to a civilized discussion about the future of our country, and our planet? That may be the hardest part, but at least we can burn off the nervous energy on our trikes, or bikes! Just as we have four presidential candidates, we will have four divisions for the ride. A fast trike division, a slow trike division, a fast bike division and a slow bike division should just about include everyone!

Ride the RideSouth bus to Sumrall and enjoy Chick-fil-A minis and fruit on the way! We will also have sandwiches and drinks after the ride for you to refuel on. The bus will leave the shop at 8:00 AM, so please arrive early to pack your bikes. We plan to pull the trailer so we can accommodate your trikes or bikes. If you prefer, you can meet us in Sumrall at the trail entrance for a 10:00 AM launch. Like America, this ride is open to everyone who can behave! There is no formal charge for the ride, but please let us know if you plan to participate so we can plan accordingly!

601 992-2490
[email protected]

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