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NOB Extreme Ride – Nov. 2-3 2018

NOB Extreme Ride – Nov. 2-3 2018

For many years, RideSouth Recumbents has sponsored the Natchez or Bust Ride (NOB) from Jackson, Mississippi to historic Natchez, Mississippi. In the past, the ride has launched from the RideSouth shop and finished at the Natchez State Park, a few miles outside of Natchez. To celebrate our 20th Anniversary of serving the recumbent faithful, we are announcing the Natchez or Bust Extreme Ride that will launch from Nashville, TN and finish in downtown Natchez, MS. The Extreme part of this ride is that the group will all be riding recumbent trikes . . . and the ride will take less than 24 hours to complete!

We will publish details of the ride on our RideSouth.com page, and eventually on our RideSouthEvents.com page. Basically, we wish to recruit similarly sized, fast trikes that will form a team to help traverse the 444 miles of the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway in one day! On Friday evening at 6:00 PM, a group of riders will launch from the famous Loveless Cafe in Nashville, switching out with others as necessary along the way, and finishing with all riders at the Natchez National Historical Park Visitor Center in Historic Natchez on Saturday evening. Each rider will rotate in small groups every mile marker, or join the SAG buses for rest, refreshment or repair as needed. Riders will also take turns with bus duties so no additional SAG personnel will be required.

Preparation for this event will include several rides on the Trace during the upcoming year. At least one of these rides will be at night. Times and locations TBA. RideSouth will furnish lights and jerseys for all NOB Extreme riders to achieve uniformity and visibility. No fairings, tail boxes or racks should be on your bike as we will have to pack and store bikes quickly on the trailer during the ride. Maximum rear wheel size should be limited to 20” for the same reason. RideSouth will provide walkie talkies for all riders to communicate with other riders and buses for safety. We anticipate charging $100 to help with expenses and secure your spot in this history-making adventure. Please respond now to [email protected] to indicate your interest in the NOB Extreme Ride on November 2-3, 2018.

[email protected]
601 992-2490
105 Avalon Court
Brandon, MS 39047

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