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As our friends in the SouthEast face extreme flooding and coastal storms, our friends in the SouthWest face record heat, and our friends up north face record cold, we at RideSouth are still open for business! In fact, as we continue to cook our planet, we are cooking up some extreme deals until the weather gets to an old normal again . . . for a while.

We will have two tables set up with accessories marked down 40%, or more! As you grab a box full of bargains, we will place ten new items on the table EVERYDAY! We plan to have the first batch priced and ready for you Saturday, February 10. Take advantage of some great deals on quality accessories that you can use. We will also have some used items including a large stash of tires on the tables.

We have put out a few messages on the Natchez or Bust Extreme (NOBX). We are working on all the planning necessary to make this an epic adventure. You can keep up-to-date on our website www.ridesouthevents.com. We need more riders willing to make history in November! Yes, it will take some work, but the reward will be worth it! Our first Training Ride will be March 3. The average distance for each rider between 90 minute rest periods will be 28 miles. The more riders we have, the easier the 28 miles will be for each rider!

We are also working on a date for the Trike-A-Rama again this year. If you have a suggestion, please respond to this e-mail. It was a great 3-day event last year!

Remember, extreme is the new normal in most things these days. Those that learn to tackle these extremes head-on will have a better chance of surviving! We plan to be in that group, do you?

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!