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Event extension and SALE!

Trike-A-Rama X-Tension

BentLovers & Friends

We had such a good response to this year’s Trike-A-Rama, that we are extending the event on May 19 and May 20! Since Mother Earth chose to cry a bit on Earth Day, we will try again to ride the Longleaf Trace on Sunday, the 20th. We will do the Trike-Around at PineLake on Saturday, if there is interest. Otherwise, we will ride the Bay Area, or cross the Spillway into Ridgeland. We hope to gather folks interested in the NOBX for a training ride on the Longleaf or the Natchez Trace, too. This might be a good time to plan for the Natchez or Bust X-Treme in November and get some miles in!

We have a huge stock of trikes and bikes in stock! All of our new and used two wheel recumbent bikes are on sale! We even have a couple of personal models we will offer! Don’t miss out on these! There are new and used Hobie Kayaks on the floor that need a new home! The new Hobie Compass is only $1949! Come check out all of our kayaks, starting from $400 on Evoke kayaks! The weather is here for outdoor fun! Let us help you get the most out of your time on the trail, or the water!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!

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