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Natchez or Bust Extreme Ride Postponed and News!

Natchez or Bust Extreme Ride Postponed

We have decided to postpone our record-breaking 24 hour all-trike relay ride down the Natchez Trace to a future date. We have had too few chances to get our group together for the necessary training due to schedules, illnesses and injuries to attempt this in November. We are eyeing another event next May to test our riding and organizing ability . . . on a slightly smaller scale! Stay tuned for updates on all of our events on www.RideSouth.com.

For the next few weeks, we are going all out to move bicycle and kayak stock out the door! We will be posting a listing, and pics, of our used inventory soon. We will be headed to the Recumbent Cycle Convention on October 10-14, and the shop will be closed while we are there. We will be bring back deals on new demos, you can be sure of, so help us make room for them, and save money on the bike, or kayak you have been looking at now! We will getting in NEW KAYAKS in October as well!

We would like to hear from you if you would like to revisit the Birthday Challenge theme on the LongLeaf Trace around November 3rd, or Nov. 4th. It was always fun in the many years we participated. We will plan it if enough of you will commit! Remember, the challenge was to ride your age in miles, or kilometers. Please indicate your preference for a Sunday or Saturday event and whether you will plan to ride. We will make a final decision based on your response when we return from the RCC on October 15th.

Thank you!
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