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Birthday Celebration Ride Saturday!

Tomorrow, Saturday November 3 will mark our 20th year of business! RideSouth is only as good as our customers, you! We hope you will join us in Sumrall, MS tomorrow at 10 AM to ride the fabulous LongLeaf Trace! Make your way to Hattiesburg (17 miles) or head out towards Prentiss for any mileage you wish (it is 25 miles if you go all the way to Prentiss). If you wish to challenge yourself, ride your age . . . either in miles, or kilometers. Note that the multiplier is 0.62 miles per kilometer. So if you are 100 years young, you will only need to ride 100 kilometers/62 miles! A piece of cake!

It is a great ride if you choose to ride straight to downtown Hattiesburg. We think ALL of our customers can ride 27 kilometers/17 miles, have a rest and nice meal, then ride the 17 miles back. We have included a link below to help you navigate the short distance from the end of the trail to a popular spot we like, Bianchi’s Pizzeria. There should be no hurry as Southern Miss has a game at 2 PM and folks should be clearing out by the time most of us get there. My Living Earth weather app says the weather will be 60 degrees at launch time and rising to 71 degrees around 1PM with FULL SUNSHINE! Bring sunscreen, lunch money and come to make a great day of riding and fellowship!

The shop will be closed on Saturday but we will be available by appointment this Sunday. If this is your only weekend to secure your next bike or kayak, send us an email indicating the time you wish us to be at the shop and we will accommodate you! We encourage EVERYONE to join us on Saturday, no matter what you ride. We will have some long and short sleeved tee shirts in Sumrall if you cannot make it by the shop today.

Downtown Hattiesburg route from the end of the trail:

Pull this up on your desktop, might make a better screen shot from there.


RideSouth . . . the Way to Ride . . . .for the NEXT 20 years!