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Focus on the Feeling!

The kayaks and bikes we sell stimulate all the senses. Gliding along silently in the dawn mist, up a secluded slough, appeals to most ears. The Hobie Mirage Drive is the key and your hands are free. Pedaling my recumbent trike down the Natchez Trace, all alone, is a similar spiritual experience for my ears. The visual beauty of Nature is abundant and often one can even smell the freshness in the air. The taste of cool water after a workout adds to the sensory experience.

But the real treasure one gets from our kayaks and bikes is the Feeling. The feeling of sitting in a comfortable chair, looking straight ahead, and gliding over the water or landscapes. The feeling of your body, devoid of any painful pressure points, moving your spirit toward new and exciting adventures. There is nothing like it. So, the magic happens when your transport allows focus on the important aspect of getting from A to B . . . how it feels. Then you can really enjoy the ride!

Come by today and try one out!

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