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Spring Fling: Ride Report

Spring Fling: Ride Report

It has been a while since our last cookout, so here is a brief report on how it went. Near perfect! The weather was perfect Friday night, with a slight breeze keeping the smoke from the Hasty Bake away from the guests enjoying the MANY flavorful dishes. All were offered by our customers to go with the beast burgers, veggie burgers and salmon burgers from the grill. Even some local business people from around the shop could not keep away from the aroma, and were welcomed.

Many thanks to Robert and Katrina for providing fresh slaw, beans, potato salad and buns! Beverly and Richard brought flavorful dips, carrot cake and awesome healthy salad all the way from Baton Rouge as well as a case of beer! We are planning a road trip to Baton Rouge to reciprocate, so let us know if you are interested! Thanks to Sandra, Louis and all the other guests for decorating and helping to clean up after. Lane made some awesome burgers and brownies that were a definite hit!

Saturday, we launched from Sumrall at 10:00 AM under overcast skies and pleasant temperatures. Shorts and short sleeves were perfect attire. Many trikers with yellow RideSouth jerseys decorated the LongLeaf Trace, some for the first time! Some folks elected to drive to Hattiesburg and ride towards us, which worked out great! Louis noticed Lane had a low tire and we repaired it in just a few minutes at a rest stop.

Riders arrived at the Southern Prohibition Brewery in shifts, minutes after they opened at noon. It was only then that we discovered that the pizza oven was not in operation! So, we recharged on a variety of beers and sodas which, for my part, was very enjoyable! Try the flight of four beers when you go! It took a couple of flights for me to decide the best, a grapefruit tasting pale ale, I think! It is worth redoing this when we have time to do the tour!

The weather on the way back was the same and everyone made it back to their destination safely! We even got back in time to see our alma mater play well enough to go to the National Championships! But, it was not to be 🙁 But, it was really good to get out and enjoy the day with customers on cool bikes! Thank you to our customers for supporting our shop and continuing the tradition that RideSouth IS . . . The way to ride!