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Attention: RideSouth Valued Kayak Customers

We have some news concerning kayaks! It was more than twenty years ago when we took a chance on selling kayaks. We brought in a new entry in the market that was previously unknown. It was a little like our recumbent bikes, but for the water. We invested heavily in display, marketing and promotion of this brand and watched as the brand grew in the kayaking market. We brought in other brands that sold well, but we stuck with the brand that we began with.

Earlier this year, this brand decided to “expand their distribution channels”, contrary to their policy since we have supported them. Yet they asked us to warranty products that consumers bought online. We declined to agree and we have parted ways. In fact, had we been told this last fall, we would not have ordered the last order of thirteen kayaks.

Now, it remains that we have nine kayaks to sell and a number of accessories. Many of these are the latest models. We will be selling at our cost until they are gone. Of course, we will honor any warranty claims as will the manufacturer. Please visit our shop soon to get these deals.

We will remain in the kayaking business! In fact, we have our eyes on a great brand that offers everything you want to move about on the water! We are very excited at the prospects and will be disclosing details in the coming weeks!

We realize things change with time. But Integrity is something we value above all else, and remains constant with us. Our customer relationships are equally important to us. Our bicycles and our kayaks have had a connection with each other for years and we aim to continue that relationship for those of you that spend recreation time on the roads and the waterways! Thank you for supporting us still!