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100 Years: Celebration Ride


One hundred years ago, today, my Dad was born. Of course, his struggles beginning in 1919 were very different than those our kids and grandkids face today, and I am grateful, with my very existence, that he made it through 77 years of those struggles. The question on my mind today is, will the kids today feel the same about us after their struggles in the coming years?

So, how does this philosophical pondering relate to selling bicycles and kayaks, one might ask? Perhaps it should be incumbent on us parents to stay in better shape so our kids won’t be burdened too much to take care of us in our old age. Perhaps we can convince our kids and grandkids to ride and paddle with us, to strengthen the bond. Or perhaps, if kids are not in the picture, we just want to feel like one again!

To that end, RideSouth has managed to accumulate a HUGE inventory of Recumbent Trikes, new and used! We MUST reduce that inventory before the end of this year to repay loans! We will be offering deals, BEGINNING TODAY, on NEW Greenspeed Magnums we have in stock, we will include either a neck rest or luggage rack, a mirror post and clamp with mirror, a water bottle cage and water bottle, AND a rechargeable light kit! That is over $300 worth of accessories, free! This deal will last until November 16, or we run out of bikes!

Why November 16, you might ask? On November 16, we will have a CELEBRATION RIDE on the LongLeaf Trace. The plan is to ride from the Hattiesburg Gateway to Sumrall and back, finishing at the Southern Prohibition Brewery in downtown Hattiesburg. There, we will celebrate ALL of our customers with a round on us! After the celebration, some may find food at local restaurants or ride back to the Hattiesburg Gateway. Plan to launch at 10:00 AM from the Gateway. The distance to Sumrall is 15 miles, but you can choose any distance that suits you. We will try to meet at the brewery by 1:00 PM, so you can figure your distance and speed better.

This day and time, reasons to celebrate are hard to come by. We continue to celebrate our family and you, our customers! Thank you for supporting us over the years! Please pass the word along so your friends can take advantage of the deals we have everyday! Their kids and grandkids will appreciate it too! We hope to see you soon!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride!