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A Way Forward

A Way Forward

We have come a long way, BentLovers and Friends! We feel for all of you who are limited to interactions with grandkids through window panes, or worse. We have been closed now for a couple of weeks, to help prevent the virus spreading from and to our customers. We are ok, and are remaining in isolation to remain so. We sincerely hope you are, too!

Our hearts go out to all of our caregiver friends and customers. We know you take unbelievable risks, and we applaud you everyday . . . with clean hands! For a while, we took in repairs to help folks cope with the isolation and extra time on their hands, but we have curtailed that to prevent cross contamination. We have, and will continue to take calls and try to guide you through some simple repairs, via telephone.

We are considering doorstep delivery for new trikes you might be considering. Of course this will have to be discussed and the details worked out for each case. Many of you have shopped for a trike before the pandemic hit, and desperately need an outlet for solitary exercise and mental therapy. If you know of someone that could benefit from this service, please contact us. Of course all precautions will be taken to provide a clean and safe transfer.

Survival is not inevitable these days. But change is. So, we hope to change and survive. We will post reopening on our website. Until then, feel free to call us for advice and repair help over the phone or through email. If you have had your eye on a new trike, now may be the best time for it to appear on your driveway! We wish safety and health for all of you!

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