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A half year ago, we talked about change. We are sure you have changed, and we hope all are well! Here is how our shop has changed:

We are still working by appointment only. This has prevented congregating in the shop, and is easier to manage giving individual assistance to customers wearing masks. We expect to continue for the foreseeable future, for everyone’s safety.

We have curtailed most outside repairs for two reasons. We quickly became overwhelmed, and our suppliers could not supply the basics, like tires and tubes! We hope that will change by the end of this year.

We have sold all of our upright bikes except for two! We have a great Marin commuter bike, 17 inch size, reduced to $499. We also have a Marin road bike (48.5 cm, small), for the same price. This will deplete our non-recumbent bikes offered at the present time. With prepayment, we can order Marin, Fuji and other brands.

We have one used long wheelbase, and four used short wheelbase recumbent two-wheeled bikes on sale. Prices vary from $700 to $2900. These bikes are in great shape and are real bargains!

We have one demo kayak left. It is a great fishing kayak from Point 65 North Sweden, dubbed the Kingfisher! It will fit in your SUV, so no trailer or rack is needed. You can stand up in it to fish, or sit and pedal, forward or backwards! Also comes with a paddle. We have an inflatable SUP by Jobe for $799, also. Price includes pump, bag and paddle!

Our inventory of recumbent trikes has dwindled from more than 50 to about 30 . . . today. Trikes rule here, and will be our mainstay in the future! The real evolution at RideSouth is electric assist trikes. That’s right, we have come full circle from our past philosophy of only human-powered machines! Customers want the assist, and Catrike has the best system we have found. We can even retrofit your old Catrike with an eCat kit!

We’re still evolving and don’t know our future. Organized rides have been put on hold. We want to plan a ride on November 7, launching from Hattiesburg. We will call it “Keep Your Distance Ride”. We plan to Launch from the Hattiesburg Gateway on the LongLeaf Trace at 10:00 AM, ride to Sumrall, and return to Hattiesburg. We hope everyone will wear a mask when not actually riding, and, well, will keep your distance! Please email us if you are interested in this ride!

Thank you for continuing to support us and continuing to believe RideSouth is The Way to Ride!

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