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In a few days, we will arrive. December 21 is the Winter Solstice. After this date, the sun appears more often, brighter and warmer. At least that is our point of view . . . longer days to enjoy the out-of-doors, and more time to ride our trikes!

We have a request. If you have asked for, paid for, or even lusted for a trike from Catrike, please contact us. Everything is in flux, it seems, and we have some trikes postponed and some coming earlier than expected, so let us hear from you!

If you want to test a Catrike, please call and set up an appointment. We will be around most of the holidays. We even have a new Greenspeed Magnum XL if your St. Nick needs a cool sleigh to ride this Christmas! There are STILL a few recumbent bikes on the floor, for your upright bike rider friends who are tired of the pain and want a faster, safer ride!

We are busy (finally!) putting trikes together, so please call for an appointment anytime. We are limiting repairs to trikes we have sold to concentrate on assembly. We hope you understand.

Yes, these days have become shorter and sometimes gloomy. Sure, one can focus on that . . . or one can choose to see a cooperative future for humanity. It’s a race, to be sure, and victory can be elusive and short-lived. Let’s make this Solstice a turning point toward a brighter future, together!

Happy Holidays!
RideSouth Recumbents
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601 291-1004 (cell)