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RideSouth Update

BentLovers and Friends

Many of you have asked for an update on the status of RideSouth. We are still operating and selling recumbent trikes. Catrike is a popular brand that we can get almost immediately so we only keep demos usually. We still get some great used trikes in as well.

The past couple of years has been a story of surviving and building. We managed to survive the virus attacks so far and are finishing the long term building of our house. Both have been difficult, but fairly successful. We are still looking for someone to take our place as promoter and supplier of recumbents in the region.

A bit of news – to the many Greenspeed Magnum pilots. If you have the later rectangular frame (not the round one) we can fit the popular Bosch electric assist drive on your trike! Call me if you are interested and we will give you the particulars.

We miss seeing and riding with you on the trails and roads! Our bodies miss being on the trikes too! Hopefully we can remedy all soon! Let us hear from you if we can help and we will do our best! We are still working by appointment, but are rarely more than a few minutes away from the shop.

RideSouth . . .The Way to Ride!
601 291-1004
105 Avalon Court
Brandon, MS 39047

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