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In our last e-mail post, we offered a prediction of the 2011 NOB Ride. We
are pleased to report that the actual experience was even better than the
prediction! A group of focused and excited riders left the shop on time,
Saturday, October 15 at 7 AM. Some riders were in short sleeves, some
with light jackets. The 50 degree temperature provided those of us in
short sleeves a motivation to work a bit harder to get warmed up, starting
out at a fast pace to compensate for the inevitable slowing that would come
later . . . when the hills appeared.

Super SAG person Lane (and SAG dog Sophie) collected the riders’ change of
clothes at the shop, picked up lunch sandwiches and cookies at Subway, and
managed to get ahead of us about 25 miles into the ride, for our first
supported stop. As the group spread out less than a couple of miles
during the entire ride, Lane was able to serve us all with hydration
fluids, snacks, and great motivation along the way. The Natchez Trace was
beautiful this time of year, with leaves just beginning to loose their
summer green. Lunch at Rocky Springs was perfect, and everyone enjoyed
visiting with the touring cyclists from Colorado that we had passed a few
miles up the Trace. They had a big bus, but we had the awesome white
Outback (WhiteOut) and Barbara’s truck! Thanks Lane, Sophie and Barbara!

With temperatures climbing to the low 80s, the wine, cheese and sausage
reception was a great treat at the park after negotiating the 3000 feet of
climbing, mostly in the last third of the sunny, 104 mile ride. As
everyone arrived within minutes of each other, and almost an hour ahead of
schedule, we relaxed a bit, showered, and took our time before heading to
the restaurant. There were thousands of folks on the streets of Natchez
gathered for the hot air balloon race, but we pulled in the Magnolia Grille
parking lot and parked at the front door!

Our table by the window offered a great view of the river and the ballgames
on the big screen. The bloodymarys and other drinks competed with the
river, TV, and landing balloons for our attention. Many balloons were
flying directly overhead and were landing within a few hundred feet of our
table! The fellowship and food were great, and everyone agreed it was a
fantastic day! The ride home was pleasant, with many deer sighted, and we
arrived at the shop ahead of schedule.

The Natchez or Bust Ride is dependent on a schedule for many reasons. We
appreciate the efforts of all riders and support vehicles in helping us to
keep this ride an institution, and look forward to next year for another
great NOB Ride! We hope you will consider joining us then! We plan to
upload some pics of the event on our gallery.
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