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How a Ride South bike purchase has helped to enhance our lives.

My wife Beth and I have been cyclist for quiet a while now. Beth has always been a natural at cycling. I have enjoyed cycling since I got my first Western Flyer tricycle at age four.

We’ve had many cycling adventures together but over the past couple of years riding has became a bit of a challenge because of “getting older pains” and being more and more uncomfortable in certain areas that I won’t mention.

We were determined not to give up cycling and decided to ride through the pain if you will. After getting more and more discouraged though and riding a lot less it started to look gloomy for us to continue.

One day last summer while riding though our home town on our motorcycles we saw a lady on a recumbent bike riding along and looking as if she were enjoying her self very much. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Why haven’t I thought of that before? Where would I even find where they sell them?

I looked on the internet to find a dealer and was surprised to learn that we have recumbent dealer very close by.

After a short drive to Ride South just to look and get a feel on prices, I was greeted by our soon to be good friend Jim Snider. I told him what kind of cycling Beth and I do and the next thing I knew he had me riding around the shop area on a Tour Easy. After wobbling around for a little while I started to get the hang of it and knew this was it. The purchase was made and cycling once again became a great enjoyment. I wasn’t just more comfortable, I was totally comfortable. Mr. Jim told me that’s how it would be, I just didn’t realize how true that would be.

After a few weeks riding along side me and seeing the difference the recumbent made, Beth made the switch from her road bike to a Rans Stratus.

It’s hard to explain how happy we have been now that we can go out again on what we call afternoon and weekend adventures. Our kids are grown and gone and it’s just us. ( Sometimes they think we are not right but we assure them that we are doing our best to spend their inheritance)

This is something we truly love doing together and it is so enjoyable for us now. We can’t imagine not having our recumbents, and wish we had discovered them years ago.

Our Best
Johnny and Beth Rawls

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