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I’m addicted to recumbent speed!

Although it’s only been a year and 6 months since I first walked into RideSouth, I don’t recall what life was like before I found myself addicted to recumbent speed! I’ve always been somewhat athletic, but I was always the slowest guy on the team. They said it had to do with “slow twitch” muscle fibers. Apparently, I was overly blessed with these slow twitch fibers, and shorted on the “fast twitch” ones. By chance, I found an activity that keeps me in great shape, and is a perfect match for all those slow moving muscle fibers.

From the first Saturday I struggled to hang on to Jim on his bread ride, to my speedy finish on the MS 150, and the thousands of miles in between and since, Jim Snider and RideSouth were always with me at least in spirit, and in many cases, literally.

Jim and Lane, you two are much more than bike shop owners. You offer encouragement and inspiration to myself and others, and I consider you very good friends. You can buy a bike from anyone, but what Jim and Lane offer isn’t for sale, it’ free, and it’s from the heart. You can’t go wrong with RideSouth!

P.S.- Maybe one day I’ll take a break from the bike long enough to try one of them fancy canoes!
Doug Morgan

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