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One Moment in Time

BentLovers & Friends:

Taking a moment to browse through the many photos we took of you when you took home your RideSouth purchase, brings a sense of purpose to the season. The purpose and resolve that perhaps you felt that moment, when the decision making was over, and now, it was time for action! Action to give to others, action to take control of your own destiny, and action to improve yourself. That moment, as the camera shutter snapped, recorded something different for each of you, and maybe it still exists.
We miss our RideSouth family members who are no longer with us, and we hope time has begun to help heal the loss for their loved ones. We encourage the rest to reflect on that moment and re-experience the exhilaration of going somewhere on your bike! It doesn’t take much to have fun, it doesn’t take much to have adventure, and it doesn’t take much to make a difference . . . just a moment in time.

Merry Christmas!

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