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Growing up, 2012 was definitely too far into the future to think about. Well, we have managed to make it here, and it’s arrival is exciting! Our 2012 RideSouth family is strong, and growing! Here are a few highlights of what to expect from RideSouth in the coming weeks:

Rise & Shine Bread Rides
We begin this Saturday at 7:30 AM! Expect more structure with published routes, ride leaders, sweep riders and some new routes! Look for the same delicious oat bran bread, with homemade preserves and jam, to be ready by 10 AM.

Waveland Mardi Gras Parade
We have entered the Waveland Krew of Nereids parade on February 12! We expect to have 20 or more trikesters riding the Mississippi Coast streets, and having a great time throwing beads to the onlookers! Parades are loads of fun on a trike and a great way to spread the recumbent gospel to thousands of folks! Get your hotel room now and join us! See the Discussions forum on our website top menu for more updates on this event and others.

Check out the RideSouth 2011 Jingle Bell Ride Movie Trailer on YouTube! You may be in the movie! Stay tuned to RideSouth Recumbents TV for weekly episodes of informative and entertaining programming!

Friends of RideSouth
Ask about how you can benefit from being a Silver or Gold member in our Friends of RideSouth Program in 2012! You may already qualify for some serious discounts on purchases, and some free services!

We have a RideSouth Facebook page and are working on posting photos, videos, ride information and event announcements on it soon. More on that later, but the need is there and we have begun to accept this part of the future!

Kayaks & Trikes
We have some kayaks left, but are making more room for trikes, so select your kayak soon. There are some exciting trike models on the way from ICE, Greenspeed and other suppliers. We expect to even have the new Greenspeed Anura Quad next week! A very cool four wheeled recumbent! By February, we expect to have our rental trike program in place. Then, new trike riders will be able to rent trikes for extended periods before you buy!

More than just a leap year, 2012 will be a springboard year that will launch us further into the future than even we can imagine! We sincerely hope that you, our Friends and Family, will enjoy this year with us, and help us to show others that RideSouth is the best Way to Ride . . . into their future!

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