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Jackson Community Ride: Ride Report

Once a month for the last two years, folks have been gathering at the Rainbow Co-op in Fondren for a social that includes a bit of night bike riding through downtown Jackson! This Friday, there were over 90 folks that launched at about 6:30 PM. There was good organization for the group and it is always fun to be with like minded cyclists in a big launch, even at night! The first stop was Hal & Mal’s for a “short refueling”. As some took longer to refuel, the ride leaders cranked up the bike mounted boom box and led a group to the second stop, where many refueled with burgers and more beer at Peaches.

While it was becoming apparent that this social gathering was just beginning, some of us “more mature folks” had other engagements and decided to head back. We acted like kids as we raced up and down the night streets of Jackson and made our way back to our cars at Rainbow. The new, super powerful lights looked like car lights and made the riding seem even a bit safer than riding in the daytime! It was a great way to see the city without the traffic! We will do this again!

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