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Sometimes we can use a good cleansing rain to help us more appreciate the sunny days we just had . . . and to allow time to prepare for the sunny days ahead! That is just where we are today at RideSouth. We have had a great January and expect a banner year! Sales are beyond our expectations and we are thinking of expanding our team to help take care of our customers better. We are working on expanding our media exposure as well. More on that later. We have new ICE, Catrike, and Greenspeed trikes arriving weekly, including some fantastic models that are “game changing”! This rain will be done in a day or two and the sun will shine again! If fact, all looks great for the Waveland Krewe of Nereids parade next Sunday, February 12! We have thousands of Mardi GRAS beads and wooden nickels for you to throw to the excited onlookers! Put on your mask and bring your trikes to Waveland, MS next weekend and help us have some fun! The weather will be beautiful for our parade!!!