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Parade Prep

BentTrikeLovers . . . this is for you! Do you want to ride down the middle of the street with thousands of people waving, smiling and pleading for you to notice them! How about dressing up in traditional Mardi Gras colors, hats, beads and masks? Perhaps doing some simple, low speed drills . . . turning and weaving in and out in a coordinated pattern while showing off the maneuverability of your machine. Does that excite you? Or maybe just the chance to help the Mississippi Coast get back on it’s feet is a good enough cause to travel to the Waveland, MS area. Whatever your justification, the bottom line is there is no other way to have such concentrated fun-per-mile than being in a Mardi Gras parade on a trike!!

Here is a short list of things you need to do. First of all, make your way down to the coast (with your trike) and enjoy the riding in the area prior to the parade. Cap’n Johnny and Beth will be available for tours on Saturday. See the RideSouth Discussions about the Parade for details. The Knight’s Inn still has rooms available and we are holding 3 rooms if you need them. Secondly, decorate yourself and your trike in traditional garb (remember your mask)! We will ride without helmets while on the parade route, but please wear your helmet when touring the area and at all other times.

The judging for the parade is at 11:00 AM on Sunday! We would like for all members of our group to be in line around 10:00 AM so we can get organized! The meeting place is the Hancock County Government Complex at the corner of Waveland Avenue and Hwy 90 in Waveland, MS. At this writing, we are expecting 20-25 trikes and 2-3 velomobiles to be in our group! We have purchased about 125 pounds of beads and wooden nickels (RideSouth logo on them!) for you to throw to the eager crowd. If you can bring a tote sack to hang on you or your bike, we will load you up at the hotel (Knight’s Inn) prior to riding over to the parade start point. We may have a bike trailer, or two, to transport the remainder of the “throws” to the parade start. You should also bring a bit of water for the parade (no alcohol please). However, there is not a way to rejoin the group if you leave for bio breaks so keep the water intake low. The parade is one way, we are told, so afterwards we will ride back to the hotel (or other destination).

It is our goal at RideSouth to provide EVERYONE some fun and safe ways to enjoy your RideSouth purchases. We hope all of you will take advantage of this opportunity and help us to let the good folks on our coast see first hand, that we know how to have fun . . . and we know the Way to Ride . . .RideSouth!

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