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If information is power, then we hope to energize you with this email! Here are some important topics of interest:

Our friend and sweetheart, Beth Rawls, will have major surgery for breast cancer on June 25 at Woman’s Hospital. Beth continues to be our most avid cheerleader here at RideSouth, and we know that you will want to cheer her on while she is climbing this difficult hill. Captain Johnny will be by her side, and we will all be praying for a good outcome from the surgery. We have a special card here in the shop for you to sign. We will have pink ribbons for you to wear on our Saturday Bread Ride before the surgery.

Doug Morgan is in Oceanside, CA this week to captain the Bacchetta support group for the four person Bacchetta RAAM team. Beth Rawls had planned to join Doug and the others on the support team before she learned of the breast cancer. The team will race non-stop across America to Annapollis, Maryland, beginning this Saturday, June 16. Those of you who participated in the RideSouth Signature Ride last March, got to ride with John Schlitter and Jacquie Hafner, two members of the Bacchetta team. We will be cheering John, Jacquie and the entire Bacchetta team and support staff to win their division . . . and maybe establish a new course record!

The RideSouth shop will be closed July 2-4. We are heading to Alabama for a family reunion. We hope to return by 1:00 PM on July 5. We have a new shipment of Hobie kayaks in, including the new Pro Angler 12. You have about a week to purchase your July 4 fishing machine or we will be taking it to Alabama, so don’t miss out! See our website for more information.

Also check our discussions forum for more information on securing a, for lack of a better term, Cycling License. RideSouth is moving forward on a grassroots program we discussed at the Urban Planning meeting in March. We feel strongly about this and would like to partner with other shops to make this happen. We have ordered the first batch of decals with the ID numbers RSH001 through RSH999. The decals will fit on a safety triangle, if you have one, or a small 15×4 cm lightweight, high-vis card. Anyone wishing to support this program with legal, insurance, instructional, printing or bookkeeping assistance will get their license issued free, after attending the 30 minute course on cycling at their local bike shop. We will be hosting a planning meeting in July (TBA). Please check out our Discussions Forum and offer your input.

Like the proverbial watering trough, information is only useful if you actually use it to nourish and motivate action. We have had a good group of cyclists here almost every morning this week drinking from that trough and enjoying the benefits and fun of group riding. Come and join us for our rides and support our friends during their trials. Thank you.