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Going Fishing

When I was six years old, my uncle showed me how to fly fish from my great-grandfather’s homemade fishing boat. My uncle put a small Coke bottle under my armpit. He told me if the bottle fell out when I would cast the long fly rod, then I was doing it wrong. He taught me to use the wrist and forearm to time the flip properly, laying down the fly rod hula-popper lure precisely at the desired location . . . just under the overhanging branches of a tree alongside the lake.

Today, as I was unpacking Hobie’s new Pro Angler 12 in the shop, I was reminded of the blunt bow and stern of that heavy fishing boat that Pa Law had crafted from an oak tree. I recalled the weight of the oars that were whittled from long, straight branches of the same tree. They were almost too heavy for me to lift, much less row that huge boat with! I remember standing up in the boat easily, and feeling very safe and secure. The new PA 12 gives the same impression, with a very modern twist! Yes, you can stand easily in the boat, but you might want to sit some and enjoy the new adjustable seat that is easily removable to use as a camp chair! It doesn’t take four strong men to lift the Hobie either! One person can easily handle this boat with the plug-in cart! Heavy, clunky oars and oarlocks of my namesake’s boat, have been replaced with a lightweight paddle and the modern Mirage Drive. Now, you can easily pedal with your feet! You can even sail this boat!

These days I am busy in the shop with repairs, sales, assembly and all the other duties that make our business interesting. I know your life is full as well, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, silently pedaling along a lake shoreline somewhere? The solitude only broken by a huge, large-mouth bass exploding out of the water . . . with the rubber band legs of my green and yellow hula-popper sticking out of his mouth! So, if you come to the shop to see one of these fantastic boats, don’t be surprised if they are already gone. And, don’t be surprised if I have decided to take a visit back in time . . . in the boat of the future. Because I just might be going fishing!

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