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Trike Tribute: Ride Report

“I LOVE AMERICA!” and “GO USA!” were just a couple of comments from motorist and other cyclist as the long line of decorated trikes and bikes crossed the spillway and rode into Madison county. Everyone on the trails smiled and responded to “Happy Memorial Day” from trikesters, some who had driven many miles to participate in the first Memorial Day Trike Tribute event. The group made several stops along the 22 mile route, and even toured the Renaissance shopping center before heading back to the shop.

Lane and Louis had cut their ride short to prepare a great Memorial Day feast of Natchez BBQ, potato salad, beans and dip that quickly revived folks. Iced tea and other cold beverages soon got folks in the mood to have a ping pong, king of the hill tournament, that grew into some spirited doubles play! Lane produced a special send off cake for Drez, and everyone seemed to have a great time. We plan to have this event again next year to keep celebrating the freedom we owe to our brave men and women in uniform who have sacrificed for us. Thank You!

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