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anything new

With the social media contagion, we often get a sense of competition in “you’re not telling me anything new” comments. But further thought reveals many more relevant meanings to these two words.

Many folks add a question mark to the phrase, and expect us to remain on the forefront with innovative products to have in the showroom for them to inspect. New bikes, new kayaks and new accessories are fun to consider by almost everyone!

Some customers preface the phrase, it seems, with “not”, as in not anything new for me . . . I am happy with what I have. That’s ok, too. If it works, it doesn’t need fixing.

On the other hand, many of our good customers like the change provided by anything new. Multiple purchases are common, and encouraged, providing a continual sense of joy and entertainment. Heck, I feel I have single handily kept Apple Computer in business over the last fourteen years!

A desired by-product from many purchases, has been something else new. We have seen new bodies develop, new relationships occur and new experiences happen. Many of our customers have stopped taking meds and started whole new lives, with new awareness of the world around them.

Now, who’s to say whether that chicken just wandered up to RideSouth, or the new awareness was hatched elsewhere? There is no right or wrong way to use these two words, whether in a question, a statement, or a way of life. The Chinese say there is nothing new under the sun! Thank goodness we Americans embrace innovation! So come by our shop and see what’s new, or rediscover that we have remained the same. We still care about our customers . . . more than anything. That’s not new!

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