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Safety comes first . . . always. In our shop, by the main entrance, is a white board. The topics are Safety, Speed, Fun and Comfort. We discuss these topics with customers everyday. None of them are more important than Safety.

Riding a bicycle can be dangerous to you and people around you. This is true of any physical sport. There are ways of minimizing the risks to yourself and others. Here is a short list:

Wear a properly fitted helmet. This is a requirement for all of our rides.
Leave the headphones at home. Another requirement for our rides.
Wear bright shirts or jerseys. Red is not bright. This is your best defense.
Have a working rear view mirror on your bike, helmet or glasses.
A bright red, rear blinking light makes you more visible in bright sun and shadows.
A bright white, front blinking light alerts traffic, people and dogs that you are coming.
Talk to people on the trail and road to let them know you are passing. Be courteous.

Knowing how, where and when to ride always relates to Safety. Your bike choice and it’s maintenance play a huge part in your safety. Your attitude, fitness level and general state of mind can be crucial to return home safe. Of course we like Speed, Fun and Comfort. But nothing trumps Safety!

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