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Entertainment Value

Everyone loves to be entertained. We watch sports, go to movies, theater, concerts, etc.. And there is great value available through these pastimes. We can learn how to be a good sport, how to be social, how to act and generally how to be a well-rounded person.

There is another form of entertainment that is more involving than watching or listening, though. By participating in the activity, one can extract much more value, it seems. There is still the seeing and the hearing that affects us, but a whole new experience is available when we are doing, as well!

Take a bike ride, for example. No amount of watching others ride a bike is like doing it yourself. Sure, it is entertaining when a cyclist rides by, but there is no real value extracted unless we are the one on the bike. So, let’s get our money’s worth out of this life and use more of our senses! Get on your bike and go for a good long ride today, and feel how truly entertaining it can be!

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